Personal/Career Services

What is coaching?
According to the International Coach Federation (ICF), coaching is a relationship that honors the client as the expert in his or her professional life and aims to help a client to:
• Discover, clarify and align with what the clients wants to achieve
• Encourage client self-discovery
• Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies
• Hold the client as responsible and accountable

Coaching Services Offered:

Career Coaching –
working on a 4-step model, we help you to self-assess, set goals, develop action steps and design a job search strategy that works for you and your life. We offer assessment, resources, and tools to help you design your ideal career path. We can help you with identifying your skills, values, and personality that are your “brand” and then help you design a job campaign to highlight your brand. We specialize in helping you to be a high performer and learn to love your job again
Retirement Coaching
we will assist you to make the decision to leave the workforce and what to do with your “next life”. We will help you to leverage your skills, design a life plan, and leave the workforce on your own terms.
Transitional Coaching – for those who find themselves in transition, such as after a divorce, death of a spouse, or after your children leave home.
Life Coaching
to help if you are looking to greatly improve the overall direction of your life, such as personal, professional, emotional, relational, or a combination
Business and Corporate Coaching/Leadership Development
we can help you take your ideas to develop and grow your business with proven strategies, as well as give you the tools and support to overcome any blockages to keep your focused and motivated. We also can work with your employees to help develop and improve their skills so they can be engaged and high performers.

Whether you are in the workforce or are in transition, we will help you to design a career that is right for you. That is why we allow you to choose the method of coaching and the length of the sessions.

Coaching can be done in person, by phone,, email or Skype. Sessions can vary from 30 minutes or more, depending on your needs. With absolute confidentiality, you are free to explore issues and ideas with complete safety and security.

Group Coaching:
Inner Goddess

Sometimes life is hard
– we all go through changes but not at the same time or in the same way. How we deal with these changes is the key to living a happy life. We all develop the ability to deal – or cope – with challenges and adversities but may need outside help to help us see these situations more clearly and with a new perspective. CYS offers counseling services to partner with you so you can live an emotionally free life and be your best self.
Counseling Services:
• Individual, marital, group.
• Mood Disorders – depression, anxiety.
• Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD).
• Stress management.
• Self-Esteem/Confidence
• Marital/Relational
• Divorce Recovery
• Empowerment
• Employee Assistance Program (EAP)