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Written by Barbara Seifert on 13 October 2010

Barbara Seifert, Ph. D., LCSW, CPC is the founder and President of Committed to Your Success Coaching & Consulting. She has over 25 years in the workforce, holding various management positions in both corporate and nonprofit organizations. She has mentored and trained employees and business leaders to become successful and to achieve their personal, professional and organizational goals. Barbara is passionate about helping people to succeed in life and is instrumental in helping her clients in both their personal and their professional development.

This passion and her ability to get clients to make the cognitive shifts that get them to a deeper level of self-awareness to uncover the strenths that lie within is what leads clients to seek her services. She is an avid learner so you will always get the latest data and resources to help you or your orgranization succeed.

Barbara has her Ph. D. in Leadership & Education, with a specialization in Human Resource Development. She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), as well as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Qualified Supervisor. She has completed certification as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. With a strong background in assessment, goal-setting and strategic planning, Barbara is experienced in solving complex employee-relational issues as well as successfully coaching middle and executive leadership on situations and organizational problems as well as helping them with their work-life balance. She also helps small business owners to develop and grow.

Barbara is an adjunct Professor at Webster University since 2006, teaching in the Human Resource Development Program (Career Management and Group Dynamics & Change). She previously taught in the Gerontology Program (5 courses). Barbara is also on faculty at Florida Institute of Technology (Organizational Behavior). Additionally, Barbara is a speaker, facilitator, workshop leader, and author/blogger. She is a believer in the power of groups and belongs to numerous organizations, including:

Princeton Premier Honors Edition of Professional Business Leaders

Biltmore's Who Who Among Executives and Professionals, Life-Time Member

eWomenNetworkAmerican Society of Training & Development, Member; group facilitator for team building at Stone Lakes Elementary School, Orlando, FL (2006-08); Volunteer at National Convention (2004); Chair, Health Care Special Interest Group (2003); Lead Mentor of the Mentoring Program and project member (2008); Co-Chair of Mentoring Program (2009)Greater Orlando Organizational Development NetworkInternational Association of CoachesCoachvilleAssociation of Career ProfessionalsNational Career Development AssociationCareer Planning & Adult Development Network

She has been a member of other organizations, including: Phi Delta Kappa, Sigma Phi Omega, the East Orlando Chamber of Commerce, Southern Management Association

In her spare time, Barbara loves to dance, travel, read, and is an avid Pittsburgh Steeler fan.

Barbara has a passion for ensuring your success - she can help you take action today so you are prepared for tomorrow!


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