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What Others Say About Us

What Others Say About Us

At Committed to Your Success, we understand the needs of the changing workforce and its impact on the organization, leadership, employees and their customers.  We specialize in Human Resource Development/Organizational Development , as well as Career Management, through coaching, training and consulting services.  Our services are designed to reach both individuals and organizations to set their goals, to identify their strengths, and to work through their challenges in order to reach their desired level of success. 

Our services are customized according to your needs so you get to choose the methods and level of services that will meet the needs of your employees and your organizaton.   Here is what others have said about us:

Barbara has done an excellent job of providiing training and organizational development for our agency in our quest to better services for our clientele...she has an ability to analyze situations and provide solutions that are manageable to achieve and she is willing to assist in achieving these solutions.  She has been a great resource for information on many levels.

Owner, Court Educational Programs.

Barbara is patient and understanding when working with others...her energy and professional attitude has encouraged me to accept new concepts and ideas that have improved my business.

Owner, Choices

I have found Barbara to have the utmost integrity, high values and an incredibly strong work ethic.  She is a high-energy, self-starter who quickly assumes responsibilty and is not afraid to face challenges and situations.

The Department of Children and Families, District 5.

Barbara is a very experienced and professional coach with an easy demeanor. She provided me many insightful suggestions and valuable resources to work through my ideas, keeping me moving towards my desired goals. She listened intently to my issues and kept me on track with positive, encouraging tasks and feedback. I felt that every session with Barbara was well worth my time and investment.

Faith A, Orlando, FL

I hired Dr. Barbara Seifert is a career coach when I lost my job as a result of restructuring. I found her to be a much more impactful career coach than I ever expected even with just a few coaching sessions. After working with her, I now see actions I can take and pathways to success that I didn't see before. My search is more productive now; I'm interviewing actively. I would gladly recommend Dr. Seifert to anyone seeking a career and/or success coach.

  Joe P. Orlando, FL

"I first met Barbara at a networking meeting; I was feeling frustratedd with the way my business was operating.  After our meeting, I was able to redefine my vision and niche, develop and market a life coaching program, set up a nonprofit organization, developed a website, created a new brand for my business, and hired an administrative assistant. I have doubled my billable hours more than in the last 15 years.  The 10 minutes she gave me literally changed my life and I'm thankful.  Meeting her was a life-changing moment."

David Baker Hargove, Ph. D., LMHC,  Orlando, FL


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