Personal Development

Whether you are in job-search mode, have a career path you are clear on, or are looking to transition out of the workforce, you need to be emotionally and physically “fit” in order to stay the course in a job search as well as to be a high-performing employee.  You personal development is critical to keep you strong and confident in all facts of your life. People gravitate to those who exude confidence.  In this section, you can access articles and resources to aid in your personal development so you can be the superstar you were meant to be!

Personal Development can encompass several areas, such as:

  • self-esteem, strengths, values, & self-regulation
  • communication skills
  • conflict management & resolution
  • decision making
  • leadership
  • goals & goal-setting
  • change and change management

Each of these are important and necessary to be effective in our personal  as well as in our professional life.  These areas may come easy to some but difficult for others. The great thing is that these can be both learned or enhanced with time, patience and consistency.  And the end result is a greater ability to manage your emotions, to develop in your skill set, and to increase your abilities and confidence.  All of which equals a better product for employers to want to acquire.  Challenge yourself to commit to your personal development in these areas.  You can find help in these pages to aid you on your journey!