Your Systems Make Your Business Easier

If I could tell  business owners (no matter the size) one thing, for  their business, it would be to identify their systems as it will make their business easier. Systems involve the process(es) you use from identifying potential clients, to starting a conversation with them, to having a strategy call, to signing them on as a client.

Systems make your business easier as you won’t have to think of what you will do when you meet a potential client – the system is what you will follow each time. That makes business easier and you won’t be all over the place each time. It’s the old ‘rinse and repeat’ process.

I see many business owners who struggle with this; they have a potential client who wants to work with them but then they aren’t sure what to with them; they feel they have to recreate a new way each time. This not only leads to massive frustration (on both sides) but it is a costly mistake in that the potential client drops out and finds someone who does have a system.

Clients want solutions to their problems – and quickly. Many of your potential clients have struggled for quite some time; they have lost some sleepless nights and have developed self-defeating behaviors that prevent them from moving forward in their business. Making the decision to get help is very challenging for a lot of business owners.

So, when they finally reach, out they don’t want to wait on getting the solutions they need. With a system, you can help them faster and you will have a thought-out method that leads them to that solution. Not only that, you will have a way to gauge your return on investment (ROI) as they move from one step to the other. Results will be more visible to both them and you.

So, what is involved in a system? This will vary with each business and their offerings but, basically, they include:

  1. Identifying and finding your target market – knowing who you serve is the key to then finding and helping them with what keeps them up at night. When you know your target, then you can have a system for finding where they hang out.
  2. The method you take them through from intake to goal accomplishment – these are the specific steps from the time you have that first conversation with them to them reaching whatever goal(s) they set in the beginning. Knowing these will not only lead to client success, but it can also be the foundation for products to create, such as a book or eBook, a how to manual, checklists, etc.(and can add multiple streams of income while helping more people).
  3. Your marketing methods, including follow-up – this is where you plan all activities for attracting your ideal client, and letting the world know about you; this can include: your website, business card, log, social media, networking events, speaking events, writing (blog, articles), and the like. Having a calendar each month will keep these action steps in view so you know what to do each day Following up with clients – potentials, current, past – will keep you on their mind and lead to them hiring you, whether the first time or again and again.

Following these steps will help you to have a proven method that you can repeat over and over again. This will not only help your clients achieve the level they desire, but it will take the stress off of you so you can focus on helping more clients and having fun in your business.



What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Songwriters

One of my favorite new shows is Songland, which is a competition for songwriters to present their word for a famous star. There are three others, who have all written songs for major stars, such as Beyonce; the mentors work with them to make the songs better and then the star chooses the one they will sing and put on their next album.

Last night’s show featured Watching the process was really phenomenal, as he – like other singers – give their input on the presented songs. But I saw some things that I see can relate to entrepreneurs and their business.

1. Just like any business, it starts with an idea and each songwriter’s song did the same; their stories were personal and related to the words and melody they wrote. Entrepreneurs need to start with an idea, that relates to their reasons for leaving a job and going out on their own – their ‘why.

2. Each of last night’s songwriters were young – one was 28 and the other three were 18 -21; each of their reasons was to change the world and make a difference. Entrepreneurs, from my experience, want to make a difference in the world, as well – it starts with a problem they want to solve and solutions to do so.  Being clear on their purpose, as these songwriters were, will lead to developing the programs and services that will solve a problem and change the lives of others.

3. Each of the songwriters knew that they were going to be presenting before – they knew their target and wrote their songs knowing the style he, and the Black Eyed Peas, sing so their songs reflected this, which definitely resonated with him. Entrepreneurs who know their target market, and their pain points, will have more success as they will be able to speak directly to them; they will be able to attract their ideal clients with little effort.

4. The creative process is so interesting to see unfold; while each of the writer’s songs were good, had ideas that morphed them into greater songs. Each songwriter worked with a mentor, who helped them rework their songs; each was very open to the feedback they received and doing what was needed to make their songs so good that it was chosen. Likewise, the idea that an entrepreneur has may change and grow over time. They recognize that they can’t do everything on their own, so hiring a team to help, as well as getting a coach or mentor, will help them grow their business faster.

I mentioned that there were four songwriters but only three were worked with; one will have record with him, as he liked that song so much. What was really spectacular was the end – decided to take three songs off of the album he was producing and add all of the songs to the new one. One of the songs was titled, “Be Nice,” which he released last night – check it out (the video  is great).

The next time you listen to a song, think of the person who wrote it and how their process can relate to you – it will make you appreciate the work you do and how you do it. (and check out the show – so good!).


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