Monday Motivation: Old Stuff Day – Unclutter Your Space, Unclutter Your Mind

Today is “Old Stuff Day.’ Yes, there is literally a recognition for just about everything. But this day can recognize getting rid of old stuff that no longer serve you.

It is widely believed that if your surroundings are cluttered, you will not be as productive. It has an impact on your psyche which means if you unclutter your space you will also unclutter your mind. When you open your mind, your thoughts and ideas will flow more smoothly. This is one of the major ways keeping your environment clutter free will lead you to be more productive.

I have found that when my space is overly crowded, it creates frustration and stress. I often get torn with dilemma of keeping or throwing away as well as where I will put my ‘stuff’ so I don’t forget about it. As a visual person, I need to see things in front of me so this last point adds to my stress.

Why is it so difficult to unclutter? Why do people collect and hoard things? There are psychological blocks that keep someone in this state. It tends to having either an emotional attachment to an item or another fear, such as ‘what if I need the item later?’ or ‘when I lose weight, I’ll be able to fit into those jeans again.’ But how long do those items stay on the shelf?

After doing a deep purge last year, here are some tips to help get rid of old stuff and live more peacefully:

  1. take inventory – you have to know what you’re dealing with. Having a checklist or some type of listing will let you know what you have used frequently and what you haven’t. This action can be the start of letting go.

2 Put items into categories – used/keep; not used/discard; on the fence/maybe pile (to go through again later); donate. This is an eye-opener on what you have been using or, more importantly, what you haven’t been. I found this a good exercise to let go.

  1. For items that you are on the fence about or feel some anxiety of discarding, sit in the space and identify what the thought is for you; is there a sentiment attached to it, perhaps given to you by someone meaningful, does it bring back a happy time, and the like. Identifying the thoughts behind our emotions helps us to begin to find solutions to turn them around.
  2. Do it quickly – it’s amazing when pressure is given to see how fast we move. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is not to think and just do before any intrusive thoughts occur. Set a time for 10 minutes to start and see what you can remove from your life. If there is an emotional attachment, you will know but, most likely, you will have them sitting in the discard or donate pile.
  3. Remove the mental chatter and replace with positive self-talk – when a negative thought arises, stop right away, before it fully emerges and then replace with 3 positive ones; use self-talk to affirm that you are going to be okay and how much better you will feel when you are in a calmer environment. Applaud yourself for these actions and revel in accomplishment.

I remember when I was in a major purge when selling my house, which had to happen quickly, They buyer wanted to move up the date which, at the time I agreed, seemed easy to do; however, people who were to help me move were unable to come through so I essentially had to do all the moving myself. The step on taking quick action really was impactful as things went. But, how freeing it was once they were gone, which I don’t miss. In looking back, I am amazed at how long I held on to certain items which I realize were stifling for me.

You will reduce your stress levels when you create an uncluttered environment. You will be able to find things faster which gives you the time to work on important items. Even if not for work, you will have more time to spend with your friends and family. Take time each day to get rid of one thing – you will be amazed at how peaceful your life will be.

Mindset matters, so if you’re feeling stuck in your business or life, contact us to moving forward.

Tips to Stress-Less During the Holidays

Tips to Stress-less During the Holidays

unsplash holiday image

Holiday time can be quite stressful, with shopping and baking and trying to find that “perfect” gift.  Add to this decorating the house, writing Christmas cards and either hosting or attending holiday parties. All while either working at your job or on your own business. The combination equals stress and anxiety that can take the spirit out of the season.  This holiday can be a little more stressful for some due to worry about money.


To top it off, trying to balance it all can lead to more worry and stress, whether you are aware or not. Those little voices in the background may be screaming “it’s not enough” or ‘what will people think’ or, yet, you won’t be able to get everything done – Christmas will be ruined.’ I’m sure you can identify and, perhaps, have even more of these types of thoughts.


If you find yourself struggling to stress-less this holiday season, here are some tips to help you survive and enjoy the season:


  1. Make a list of all the tasks you need to complete, such as Christmas card list, gift list, food, etc.  Have specific action steps and completion dates. Start by penciling in events on your calendar to help yourself manage your time effectively.

Having a schedule for how you will balance between your work activities and holiday activities will make your schedule less stressful, as you will know what to do and when. When you check-off completed tasks, you will more of a sense of accomplishment which will lesson any overwhelm you may be experiencing.


  1. Set a limit for spending and how you will pay for your purchases. Overspending will only add to your stress, as will maxing out your credit cards so you avoid the new year credit card blues. Consider opening a Christmas Club account with your bank or a credit union so you will have the cash next year.


  1. Look for deals- look on line and the circulars in the paper. Look for coupons and specials. Many stores have special deals, such as buy one, get one, etc. (be sure to look at the fine print). See what you can make, or have someone else (i.e. Etsy) – homemade gifts take time and effort and are more meaningful.


  1. Plan your destinations and times – it is less crowded during the day or evenings as opposed to the weekend. If possible, go late at night to stores that are either open 24 hours or have late evening hours.  You may find good deals then, as stores will be looking for sales at that hour. Set aside a couple of hours a week to do your baking, decorating or gift-wrapping.  You will get a lot accomplished.


  1. Take time to debrief – have a good meal, exercise, watch a holiday movie, take a walk, or practice deep breathing, anything to relieve your stress and get your energy up. Focus on what is meaningful to you.
  2. Learn to say no – know your boundaries; don’t overtax yourself too much.  Say no when you feel overly stressed or pressured into doing things you don’t want to do. You can only do so much – over-giving never leads to getting back so know your limits and honor them.


  1. Have fun by being with friends or family, listening to Christmas music or watching holiday movies.  Take a drive and look at the decorated houses or stores. Take time to truly enjoy the season which can give new meaning to it.


  1. Give back – there are many people who are in need and you can make a difference by either volunteering your time to a charity or making a donation. Remembering the spirit of the season can be the best stress-reliever of all. Giving to others take the focus off of your issues and ‘all those tasks’ won’t seem surmountable.


This year, I’m vowing to stress-less; I didn’t over-decorate, which makes me appreciate how my house looks and feels; I am not going to over-spend on gifts this year, as I’ve done in the past; and I’m having to remind myself daily that things will work out fine. Try these tips and see how they help you to truly enjoy the ‘reason for the season.’



8 Little Changes to Make You Feel More Energetic and Productive

Here Are 8 Great Little Changes to Make You Instantly Feel Healthier,  More Energetic, and Productive

What does optimal performance feel like? How do you feel when you’re performing ‘at your best’?

For many of us the answer would be a combination of energy, focus and good mood. If you’re interested in being healthier then you should focus on these things because not only will you feel healthier immediately, but you’ll also then have more energy and drive to stick to whatever other health programs or objectives you’re setting yourself.

In fact, a new study by Rand and Vitality, a nonprofit research company, activity is correlated with productivity, which leads to higher performance; it reduces absenteeism from health issues, in addition to improving sleep and mental health.

To achieve these kinds of small improvements, the best strategy to take is to focus on making small, cumulative changes that will build up over time. By gradually improving yourself with smaller goals you will find each change is easier to make and that you experience less resistance. These small changes then add up and provide you with more large scale success.

So what are some little changes you can make to start enjoying more energy, drive and health right now? Here are just a few:

  • Swap your coffee for a health drink – Do you drink coffee every morning on the way to work? Not only is this likely to cause tolerance and dependence for caffeine (making you groggier in the mornings) but it also means you’ll be missing out on the opportunity to get some health drinks in you. Try swapping this for a vegetable juice and see how much better you feel for all those vitamins and minerals.
  • Remove the sugar from your tea – This will not only reduce your calories and carbohydrate intake, it will also help you to get rid of your sweet tooth.
  • Set the alarm forward 10 minutes – Ten minutes more sleep makes all the difference in the world. It’s hard to convince yourself to go to bed earlier, but giving yourself an extra ten minutes in the morning can make all the difference.
  • Sit at the table when you eat – Sit at the sofa when you eat and you’ll feel lethargic and not want to get up.
  • Swap your socks – It sounds funny, but swap your socks for fresh ones halfway through the day and you feel energized!
  • Take calls outside – If you’re on your mobile why not use this opportunity to pace around a little and get some fresh air? Just a little fresh air makes a huge difference.
  • Wear brighter colors – Bright colors make others see you as more energetic, which means they treat you as more energetic, which makes you more energetic. That’s the law of attraction in process…
  • Breathe – even taking small, deep breaths will give you an instant energy booster as it calms your mind and body

Taking time to implement some of these changes will change your life overall. Not only will you have more energy but will be more accomplished as you tick off tasks on that ‘to-do’ list. I would add in there an added benefit and that is living longer – what more do you need!