Consider These 3 in Your New Month Goal Planning

Well, the last month of the year is officially upon us. Where has the time gone? I don’t know about your but I’m feeling both excited and a bit scared – a new month is exciting to think of all the possibilities available; but it’s also scary to think of the new year ahead – what will it bring?

I hope you have done your planning for the new month to finish 2017 out strong. This is a great time to review your goals and see what you can get crank out in these last 31 days; this can also be a great segue to goal planning for 2018.

Here are 3 considerations to include in your planning to make this month’s goals seem more achievable, and with ease:

  • Money – figure out how much money you need to have this month, as the holidays can add to the budget (Xmas cards/postage, gifts, food, entertainment, etc.).  How many clients do you need to see, do you need to raise your rates, or what other sources can you tap into so you create multiple streams of income? Knowing that finances are secured will allow you to feel less stressed so you can enjoy this time more
  • Time – the holidays seem to add to our daily schedule which, for some, can be over-filled; adding to it can stress some out and detract from enjoying the time. Determine how many hours you meed for each activity in your schedule and plug those into your calendar. Knowing you have allotted time will keep you on track and feeling more in control. Now you won’t miss out on any tasks, or be late = less stress
  • Mindset – the holidays can be a time of having fun and being happy or a time of frustration and irritation; it can also be a time of sadness for many.  Setting a mindset goal will help to determine how you will get through these next few weeks; it will also help you to deal with those frustrating times so they don’t keep you down. Mindset is a choice you get to make so set a goal for the type of choice you make

Being more scheduled will keep you on track to getting more done and feeling more accomplished, all of which will keep you moving forward. Take time to add these three considerations into your planning so you have all bases covered. They also will help as you move into planning out 2018. Here’s to a productive and happy December!

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6 Ways to Deal With a Disrespectful Employee

Do you know how to deal with a coworker or, worse yet, an employee who is disrespectful to you? This would be an employee who feels they can:

  • yell
  • withhold needed information
  • make ‘snarky’ comments
  • refuse to acknowledge you

The workplace today is stress-filled, as workers are dealing with more tasks which are leading to longer hours. It’s also filled with very differing personalities, each with their own perceptions, expectations, and way of working. Putting some of these differing personalities together can be a recipe for disaster.

But does this give someone the right to intrude on others, either in their actions or words? If we entertain that the disrespectful employee is dealing with a personal problem, perhaps an ill family member or having financial difficulties,  it could lead to such behavior. After all, each of us deals with our stressors differently.

However, this does not justify such bad behavior. So how do you deal with an employee who exhibits one of the behaviors listed earlier? Here are some tips for doing so:

  • Document the behavior: remember the rule “if it wasn’t written, it didn’t happen,” so keep a record of the situations as they occur, including:  the day/date, time of day, place occurred, the issue involved, and who else was an observer. Look at the situation from an outsider’s perspective to ‘see’ the bigger picture; we won’t see it when we’re thinking off emotion.
  • Communication is the best route, but when you (as the boss) are calmer; have the employee come to your office to discuss the events as they occurred and to hear their side of the story, asking what led to their adverse behavior (not why), which can uncover the basis for it.
  • Set rules and boundaries: reiterating and reinforcing workplace expectations and policies for insubordination will put the worker on notice, so to speak, so it is mutually understood that there will be repercussions if the adverse behavior occurs again.  Give the employee clear expectations for how they will make improvements, but include them in this plan and, then, have them sign it.
  • Find out what the employee needs to improve in their work to see if you can provide them; for example, if the employee has an ill family member at home then can you allow a staggered shift which would allow help to take over; can the employee take a break if they are feeling at the breaking point. You may not be able to accommodate them but trying goes a long way to feeling cared about.
  • You can refer the employee to seek formal counseling, through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) your organization contracts with; this can be either formally or informally, meaning that you can recommend them to go or make it mandatory. Both have differing workings as well as expected outcomes. The other option is to put them on formal Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), with formal steps that goes through your Human Resources (HR) department.
  • Be emotionally intelligent (EI)  – you don’t have to respond how the employee might be drawing you in to; you also need to check your own behavior and attitude towards that employee as you may be treating him or her differently or coming across defensive.

Dealing with workplace behaviors is never easy but it needs to be done; remembering that emotions come into play when adverse behaviors occur will go a long way to curbing them, but it also includes being empathetic and setting good boundaries. After all, other employees are being affected in some way, as well so stopping this type of behavior should never be tolerated, and it ends with you.

To Achieve Goals, Focus on the End Result You Want

When a goal is set at the beginning of the year, it somehow gives a conviction to complete the goal with a renewed motivation towards completing it. However, most people don’t ever accomplish their goal, often losing the motivation, feeling frustrated, and giving up.

One way to avoid this is to focus on the end result – the goal you want to achieve. Give that goal clarity and a visual picture so your brain can “wrap itself” it. Once you have this picture in your mind, it is important to write the steps that will take you to this goal. Most people write a goal but never really plan the steps, or they make the steps seem unmanageable. Write your action steps in small increments so that your motivation and actions will be consistent. Use a planner, a white board or create a vision board to visually keep this goal in front of you. If you want to lose weight, for example, find a picture of yourself when you were at your goal weight, so you can focus on that picture.

Not being clear on what you want will set you up for failure. Once a goal is set, the next question usually is “How” – how am I going to complete the goal? This can prevent people from taking action. We can become so focused on all of the steps needed that they can seem impossible to achieve. Our brains, being the supercomputers that they are, sort and store information and the resources needed to complete goals. Taking yourself out of the equation and allowing yourself to “be” will lead you to the answer; the “how” will come. Sit in a space that gives calm and allow thoughts to come; also, don’t be afraid to think big. Keep the focus on the why as this is the driver of your actions. Big thinking leads to big actions.

Doing these steps, and focusing on the end result, will help you to keep motivated and in action mode and will take you closer to goal achievement. You have all the tools you need in your mind – use them to the fullest and you will achieve amazing results. It all starts with the end result.

Committed to Your Success Coaching & Consulting focuses on workplace happiness and organizational success. If you need help gaining clarity on your business or career goals, why not get some help – stop the struggle and call today to get started! or

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