Stand Out by NOT Doing What Others Do

Do you remember the letter I wrote to myself? Well, I’ve come to realize that I have really struggled in my career, both in corporate jobs as well as in my own business, and a big reason is that I’ve always tried to fit in when I should have been ok with standing out. When I compared myself to others and thought, ‘wow, look at what they’re doing – I want to do them;’ or when I stopped doing what I wanted or knew was the ‘right thing’ because someone else didn’t approve, I really held myself back.
How many time has that happened to you? Have these times ever made you feel less than but yet you did what these others wanted? I have for sure; in my previous jobs I was in management so it is a big challenge to go against the grain (you may find this, too). But I now know there could have been ways I could have had my way while satisfying my upline. In your career or business, you may have the urge to go along with others so as not to stand out but you would be doing yourself a disservice.
Standing out is the only option if you want to be successful (considering success is personal to each of us). When you become a ‘sheeple’ you become just like everyone else and it is harder to get promotions or more challenging work, or customers for your business. Standing out among the crowd can be a bit difficult but not impossible. I think it’s everything.
Begin by asking yourself – from an outsider’s perspective – what makes you unique or special? What qualities attracts people to me that I can build off of? What feels authentic to me in my work or business? The answers to these questions will help you identify your unique selling propositions (USP) that you can now use in your daily work and, actually, your life. Start today to evaluate so you can uncover your USP and stand out in all ways.

When Is It You and When Is It Chance?

I get really irked when I hear someone diminish themselves, attributing something great they’ve done to chance, someone else, a higher power, etc. They seriously are not aware that they are the reasons for their success. For example, let’s say a client named Jane comes in with good news that she got a new position with her company; Jane had been working this for a while but now, while grateful, states what a ‘stroke of luck’ she had to get this promotion.
What Jane doesn’t realize is that her good fortune was because of her – actions she took and willingness to step up and put her name in the hat for consideration. Jane needs to remember how she took the time to review her skills and recent experiences so they matched with the job; or the time she networked with her new boss at an office function, by taking a risk and introducing herself; or the kudos she got for completing a big project. I think it’s easy to attribute our success to an exterior source.
Perhaps this is due to a humble mindset or low self-esteem; but the fact remains that the way to get past those and really succeed is to embrace that, while others may have had a part, we really are the drivers in the process. It is we who takes the risks, who acquire the knowledge and skills, who finish the project, who leads. By owning our skills and abilities, and the like, we then become more of who we are; we work more authentically and confidently:

  • Daily, write down at least 3 ‘win’s for the day, no matter how big or small
  • review your work outcome and your part so you can ‘see’ the exact mindset and actions you took to get them completed, i.e. problem-solving, analysis, organization, etc.

So, no more brushing off what you do and attributing them to an external factor; time to start recognizing and giving kudos to yourself. Own your success to soar!

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