Job Transition in December? Why This is a Great Time to Make a Move

Making a job transition in December might seem like a ludicrous idea, but it can actually be one of the best times to make a move, whether internally or externally. Here are some advantages to doing so:

  • most people decide to wait until after the new year to start looking, so it could give you an advantage in both the position and the timing
  • since it is a downtime, hiring mangers and HR staff have more time to vet candidates for positions, which most have already identified in their planning
  • hiring managers seem to be in the ‘holiday spirit’ so they will bring in candidates to interview, and will have more time to do so
  • hiring managers want to hit the ground running in January so they will be more open to getting their team together now

All-in-all, this is a great time to make a move. This doesn’t mean that you still don’t have to ensure that you are meeting their needs through your skills and experiences to meet them. You still need to ensure that you are conveying your value, and how you will help them to reach their business goals; but you could have an advantage by applying now.

Internal candidates can have a leg up on others, as there are more opportunities to internally network during holiday gathers that the organization may put on. For the reasons above, you may find that hiring managers will be more open to speaking with you about a potential move as they may be in a better frame of mind.

So, no matter if you desire to look elsewhere or want to add more to your current organization, look at December as an advantageous opportunity to put yourself out there and make a move. What are you waiting for?

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