What is a Mindset Coach Anyway?

As a Mindset and Performance Coach, a lot of people don’t understand exactly what this means or the benefit one can provide. Hiring a coach, whether executive, business, wellness, etc. is an investment you make in improving some area of your life, or those of others.

While those are definitely needed, the fundamental reason for all behavior starts in the mind. A difficult employee, a business leader who is unproductive or scattered, or putting off exercising in an effort to lose weight all have their basis with what goes on in the mind. So, this is where a mindset coach is beneficial.

A mindset coach will set you on the right course; they will help you dig deeper into your thoughts and fears – yes, fears – that you’ve been struggling with, perhaps all your life as fears don’t just arise. They have deep-rooted places that started somewhere early on. Thoughts are embedded deep in the reptilian brain but can come out at any time. They lead to our beliefs which drive our actions, thus, the way you react to situations or that you keep eating that piece of cake, even though you know you shouldn’t.

A mindset coach uses principles of psychology and neuroscience to guide you in banishing mental blocks once and for all, helping you to understand that their are biological, physiological, and psychological processes going on, some of which you don’t have control of. This understanding is where self-awareness comes in which, then, is when change can occur.

If you have ever had an idea that you want to move forward on but didn’t, there is a reason for that. You’re fight or flight response went off releasing cortisol, which goes directly to your prefrontal cortex and shuts it down, leading to feeling foggy, disorganized, or freezing up; “I don’t know” becomes the common answer to why you did not move forward.

A mindset coach, who understands the brain, and its effects on the body and performance, is able to help you understand your reactions and then how to positively manage them. They help you to take control of them so you know can be more successful overall.

If you’re struggling in your business, a mindset coach can be the answer. You can have all the best systems and processes, funnels, and the like but, if you aren’t acting on them for whatever reason, it’s time to deal with your mindset. A coach can be your answer.

If you have been struggling, then it’s time to finally overcome. It’s time to soar to newer heights, to grow your business so it’s profitable and, ultimately, lead a happier and successful life.

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