10 Job Search Resolutions to Set for 2020

10 Job Search Resolutions to Set for 2020


As we are ready to ring in the New Year, this is a time of renewed hope and planning for areas that we want to either improve upon or to alter in some way.  Perhaps it is to lose weight, run a marathon or take up skydiving.  Others may want to start a business or to get a promotion.

For a majority out there, it means becoming employed, which can include finding a job, changing jobs, or getting a promotion. Despite the unemployment rate being low, there is still a lag time in hiring with finding the ‘right’ candidate and competition for jobs.

Here are 10 career resolutions to make – but set them intentionally so you will keep at them and succeed:

  1. Set the intention – decide on finding a new job, keeping your current one, moving up the ladder or being a better employee
  2. Commit – make the commitment to the process, to doing the work, to finding the tools and resources you need to help you on the journey. Realize it can take a while to find the right job so stay the course
  3. Assess – write down your skills, talents, abilities, etc. and the type of organization you want to work in; it will help you to have a clearer idea on what you have to offer and where you want to make a difference
  4. Research – get on the internet for job boards, news briefings, etc. for information on who hires for the position you want and then research the company to determine their culture and the state of the industry; talk to people who work in those jobs or organizations to gather more information
  5. Set career goals – writing your specific goals will help you to get clearer, focused and motivated.  Write the type of job or position you want, the salary you want to earn with an end-date to accomplish
  6. Action Steps – develop those daily activities you will commit to that will get you to your goal.  Some examples include: spend 60 minutes on job boards, attend 2 networking meetings, set-up 3 informational interviews.  Having these specific and measurable will drive you to complete them
  7. Develop a job-search strategy – these are the daily job activities you will use to find your next job, and include: job boards, published positions, unpublished positions, networking, professional associations, alumni associations, friends/family, direct contacts, news events, recruiters/headhunters, chat sites, company websites,  trade journals, and social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Connections, etc.)
  8. Set up an activity log – this is your tracking system of how your time is spent in job-search mode and the results of these activities
  9. Self-care – looking for a job can take an emotional toll so be sure to schedule time on activities that will help you to keep your emotional level up, such as exercise, meditating, gardening, or reading industry-related professional journals or motivational books
  10. Develop a support system – find people who will support you during this time, such as family, friends, a career support group, or a career coach

With effort and a positive mindset, you can land that perfect job and start the new year off right.


If you’re ready to rev-up your success factor and make 2020 the best for you, or your team, call today for a free discovery/strategy session to learn how.



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