The New Trend Coming in the Job Market

I read some startling statistics yesterday that by the year 2020, it is predicted that more than half of the U.S. workforce will be working in what is being called the “YouEconomy”(Zane Pilzer, 2016). This is the term for those who are taking ‘gig’s through freelancing sites, several part-time jobs, contracting and the like. For some, this type of work is a supplement to their current job (I am in this category), with 71% earning supplemental income.
The reason this is catching on? I see it for several reasons:

  1. People are still having difficulty in the workplace so they see this as an option to make more money, as well as to test out ideas to start their own
  2. People want more variety in their work and having several ‘gigs’ can provide that, as well as gaining new-found skills
  3. People want more freedom and control over their career – some are no longer satisfied with the 8-5 grind, or taking directions from others
  4. The criteria that some organizations and industries have for hiring workers is elusive to some, whether they are having to go back to get more education (but need experience) or they neither have the desire or the money to fund such education
  5. Companies are predicted to move to short-term and contracted assignments

There can be more possible reasons but this trend is starting to take a hold; in fact, 33% of U.S. adults have earned income this way over the last twelve months (Success Magazine, 2016). Some ways people are finding work:

  • independent contracting
  • diversified work
  • moonlighting
  • temporary work
  • micro-entrepreneurs (virtual)

It is much easier than ever to find work, with sites such as: Upwork, freelance, guru, Fiverr where you can find work as well as post your services. Selling on ebay or Amazon, or others like etsy can trade your skills and wares for a fee. Another site is Flexjobs, where you can search for work-at-home and part-time opportunities. If you’ve ever had the notion, this would be the time to start researching your possibilities and jump on the bandwagon to get started. See you on the other side!

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