Taking on Too Much (or Feeling Like It)

Do you ever take on too much (or it feels like you do)?  I know I have and, while I know I am making a difference, using skills and pursuing my passions, it still doesn’t take the feelings of overwhelm and resulting anxiety in trying to get “it”  all done – and done well.  I came to a realization earlier this morning after  spending this past weekend, and most of  of last night (5am), grading papers to complete one online class, starting 2 others, and writing an article for a publication, all while running my business.

While I took on all these tasks willingly, it still doesn’t take away the worry over how I will get them all done in a timely manner while giving value.   One thought that came to mind was the Serenity Prayer:

          God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know the difference

I think this prayer helps to clarify that I can let go of trying to control my schedule and to be methodical in prioritizing everything on that schedule, which has helped to bring a sense of calm and accomplishment.  As you can see, this post is written late but, being true to my blog challenge – Day 26 – I may have finished other tasks earlier but, in letting go, got this done.  I believe I found the wisdom I needed 🙂



Time to Rev Up Those Goals

Well, here we are at the end/start of a new week, which is the last week of the month.  School is back in session and things are getting back to a level of routine.  Before we know it, summer will be gone.  This week is the perfect time to reflect back on the last 3 months to determine what has -or has not – gone well in your career, business or life, and the reason(s) why.  This review will then help you to ‘rev up’ those goals that you have not finished, or to create and implement new.  The last four months of the year can give way to doing and having more in your life.

The feelings of self-satisfaction that can arise are limited only by your thinking small or not taking action.  I have written many articles on goals and goal setting so you can refer to them in this site.  The point is to just DO IT!  Make the commitment to invest in yourself and to achieve all that you have wanted; taking the first step is the start.  So, go ahead and dust off those sheets of paper where you wrote down your goals; review them, polish them up and go make them happen!

Creating Collaborative Spaces

When looking at fostering creativity in the work environment, one ‘too’ that leaders can offer their members is to allow collaborative spaces.  These are meeting areas, or work spaces, where member can go to either meet as a group, or for individual time, and be in creative mode.  The two types of modes that I think of are brainstorming and freethinking; brainstorming is where you have to come up with ideas, while freethinking is any and all thoughts or ideas that arise.  Personally, I prefer freethinking – the more I try not to control the process the easier I find the ideas flowing.

When creating collaborative spaces, an organization can designate offices or certain areas, liked a game room or den area; these spaces are not constrained and are arranged to enhance mood, which enhances creativity.   Colors, pictures and the like are considered.  Leadership needs to support the idea and encourage their workers to utilize these areas as often as possible; this will help to improve processes, systems, products and the like.  Making improvements within an organization should be high on the priority list, to not become stagnant; creating collaborative spaces is one solution to prevent this from happening.