It’s March Fourth and Do Something Day

Today is March Fourth and Do Something Day (I said there are celebrations for everything) and, since we’re in this first week of March, what are your plans for what you want the next 31 days to look like? Now is the time to make new plans, new goals, new thresholds for what you want in your business. I like the premise of doing something you’ve not done before – challenging yourself- with the idea of marching forward. They both go together wonderfully:

  1. What is on your ‘to do’ or bucket list? What did you say you would do in those resolutions a couple months back? What are you feeling you need more of are ready to do? Answering these questions will help you to make a decision on a specific action you want to accomplish by March 31
  2. Start with choosing one of those (not to overwhelm) and write it out very specifically, i.e. I will be in my new job as an IT software developer by March 31. What this does is create a visual on the goal, which the brain will latch on to and want to achieve it, as well as giving it a deadline. The more specific we are, the more compelling it becomes and then we will seek out the ways to get it.
  3. Write out every possible action you would need to take to get that goal accomplished; this is not about limiting but about every possibility out there – this is where you may need to ‘leap’ and stretch in what those may be. Work backwards from March 31 (you with a successful team or business), thinking of what it took to get there; this will really expand the creative side of the brain to come up with ideas you might not think of in a conscious state (left side).
  4. Armed now with a goal and specific steps to take, make the leap; decide what time you will make it to hold yourself accountable and get mentally prepared. Then, begin. It may feel a bit scary at first but the more you, the easier it will become and the faster results you will see.

The key to any of these is taking action and doing something that, while it may feel uncomfortable, will move you achieving your business goals.   Ensuring you have a good mindset is the driver for all behavior and goal-achievement, so take time each morning to create a positive mindset – say gratitude, have goals, use positive self-talk, breathe to energize your brain, and affirm your intentions. Practicing this daily will create a new habit that will lead to your success.

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If Your Goals Scare You, You're on the Right Path

If you want anything in life, it starts with a goal, which is the end-result of what you desire. Goals spur us on, they motivate us and they turn our ideas and dreams into reality. You have goals, even though you might not realize it – when you got up this morning, when you left for work or opened this notice; these are all little goals. They get you through each day effortlessly.
But what about  bigger goals; you know, the ones that scare you? These are the type of goals that, while they sound good in your head, once you put them on paper seem to put some fear in you. You get that know in the pit of your stomach and feel uneasy; so uneasy that you shun them, saying ‘this will never work.’ If you have that type of goal, then you’re on the right path.
You need to be setting goals that will stretch you out of your comfort zone, as you have more ability and strength than you realize. Pushing past the emotion and focusing in on the end-result is what will spur you on to using the strengths and abilities you possess; you’re go into more critical thinking mode to come up with the steps you need to take until you reach the end.
When those fears start to creep in, as they will, stop and listen to what they are telling you and then challenge the little voices: :I don’t know I will fail, or that someone will laugh, or yell, at me,” or whatever else lives there. Focusing in on why you want the desired goal, and the benefit you will have from having it, will keep you motivated; thinking back on a past success will keep the voices at bay.
If you really want whatever the desire is badly enough, you will work for it. Think of how good you will feel at the end. Create this picture in your mind and keep focusing on it – it will motivate you until it is achieved. “Growth demands a temporary surrender of security” (Gail Sheehy). See you at the top!
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To Achieve Goals, Focus on the End Result You Want

When a goal is set at the beginning of the year, it somehow gives a conviction to complete the goal with a renewed motivation towards completing it. However, most people don’t ever accomplish their goal, often losing the motivation, feeling frustrated, and giving up.

One way to avoid this is to focus on the end result – the goal you want to achieve. Give that goal clarity and a visual picture so your brain can “wrap itself” it. Once you have this picture in your mind, it is important to write the steps that will take you to this goal. Most people write a goal but never really plan the steps, or they make the steps seem unmanageable. Write your action steps in small increments so that your motivation and actions will be consistent. Use a planner, a white board or create a vision board to visually keep this goal in front of you. If you want to lose weight, for example, find a picture of yourself when you were at your goal weight, so you can focus on that picture.

Not being clear on what you want will set you up for failure. Once a goal is set, the next question usually is “How” – how am I going to complete the goal? This can prevent people from taking action. We can become so focused on all of the steps needed that they can seem impossible to achieve. Our brains, being the supercomputers that they are, sort and store information and the resources needed to complete goals. Taking yourself out of the equation and allowing yourself to “be” will lead you to the answer; the “how” will come. Sit in a space that gives calm and allow thoughts to come; also, don’t be afraid to think big. Keep the focus on the why as this is the driver of your actions. Big thinking leads to big actions.

Doing these steps, and focusing on the end result, will help you to keep motivated and in action mode and will take you closer to goal achievement. You have all the tools you need in your mind – use them to the fullest and you will achieve amazing results. It all starts with the end result.

Committed to Your Success Coaching & Consulting focuses on workplace happiness and organizational success. If you need help gaining clarity on your business or career goals, why not get some help – stop the struggle and call today to get started! or

Goal Reached (Day 30 of my Blog Challenge)

Today is day 30 of my blog challenge!  While it hasn’t always been easy to find the time (and sometimes topics) I made the commitment and did it.  Knowing that it takes at least 30 days for a habit to form, I should assume that mine is set; but, alas, it is not (quite).  Habits can take up to 60 days as we deal with social media and that old myth of ‘multitasking.’  Wanting instant results will lead to failure of ensuring that the actions you take will stick.

The key to sustaining habits lies in consistency of the actions you’ve taken towards whatever goal you’ve worked for.   If you desire to reach your goals, keep in mind that it is not a  race but a marathon; I liked to equate it to the tortoise and the hare – you can do things quickly (the hare) but it is better to take slow and methodical, like the tortoise.  If you remember, he won the race but it wasn’t from running quickly or taking short-cuts.

Here are steps I took to help me reach this goal that you can easily implement:

  • I made the decision to do the challenge – I did this blog challenge last August and felt the time was right to do it again this year.  Once I made the decision…
  • I made the commitment – for me, this meant that there was no option but to write daily, whether it was a really meaningful post or a quote.  When I felt like giving it up, or skipping a day, I kept that personal commitment in mind which helped me to…
  • Take action – writing daily felt exhilarating in the beginning, then like a chore in the middle, and finally energizing at the end.   Not wanting to let myself  down was enough to keep me posting.

I am not telling you that writing daily was easy but I can honestly say that, now that the goal is reached, I feel more accomplished and aware that I can keep on and achieve any goal that I want.  Having to answer to yourself – and knowing that you held true – is an empowering feeling.  So go ahead and make your own challenge – I dare you!

Let me know how you on your challenge (or if I can help you get them!)


Time to Rev Up Those Goals

Well, here we are at the end/start of a new week, which is the last week of the month.  School is back in session and things are getting back to a level of routine.  Before we know it, summer will be gone.  This week is the perfect time to reflect back on the last 3 months to determine what has -or has not – gone well in your career, business or life, and the reason(s) why.  This review will then help you to ‘rev up’ those goals that you have not finished, or to create and implement new.  The last four months of the year can give way to doing and having more in your life.

The feelings of self-satisfaction that can arise are limited only by your thinking small or not taking action.  I have written many articles on goals and goal setting so you can refer to them in this site.  The point is to just DO IT!  Make the commitment to invest in yourself and to achieve all that you have wanted; taking the first step is the start.  So, go ahead and dust off those sheets of paper where you wrote down your goals; review them, polish them up and go make them happen!