Up Your Value: How to Be a Superstar Employee


In the workforce, there are several levels of employees:   (1) those who survive, (2) those who thrive, and (3) superstars.  The key to effective career management is to be that “superstar”.  According to Zig Ziegler, superstar employees are more productive as they not only know and love their jobs, but they are also constantly growing both personally and professionally.  Other traits of superstar employees:

  • they are team players to the Nth degree, which increases productivity
  • they get along well with their fellow employees
  • they fully support the mission of the company
  • they are excited about the work they do
  • they make an effort to know and understand their roles and that of other workers and how they fit into the organizational structure
  • they take time to develop and maintain relationships with both management and coworkers
  • they are available to help fellow employees or to answer questions or to give assistance
  • they are truly interested in helping others succeed

The last attribute will help you move up in the company faster and become more valuable, which increases your longevity and helps you to master your career.  “You truly can have everything you want if you will just help enough other people to get what they want.”

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