10 Key Reasons Why Personal Growth And Development if Good for You (and your life)

If you want to do great things, move ahead in your life, reach your desired level of success, you must grow and develop. Without growth, you will stagnate and stay where you are, which can leave you feeling frustrated, anxious, depressed, and with a life of regret.

There are many benefits to work on your personal growth and development, which will benefit you both personally and professionally:

  1. Better selves – your life will improve in all areas when you work on your growth and development.
  2. Better life – armed with new  growth, your life will improve as you feel more confident in dealing with any challenges you may face.
  3. Connecting with our deeper selves – when you work on self-development, you will make deeper and stronger connections with who you are.
  4. Making the necessary changes to be more effective within ourselves and our lives – you can’t make a change until you know the reason, the motivation, and the means to do so.

What exactly is personal development and what are some key reasons to pursue it?

What Is Personal Development

In short, personal growth is seeking to develop ourselves and improve. It applies to a wide variety of areas within yourself and in your life, including mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, work and career and relationships and social life.

Personal growth can help you deal with issues that cause you pain, strife and problems in your life. Personal development can expand your skill set, capabilities and unlock hidden potential you never knew you had.

Through the journey of personal growth, we strive to evolve and transform ourselves to be our very best selves and live our best lives.

With personal growth we strive to evolve, transform ourselves and to be our best and live our best lives. It’s important to keep in mind that personal growth is a highly individualized experience and varies from person to person. Your road to self-discovery and personal development is a journey unique only to you.

10 Key Reasons To Seek Personal Growth And Development

It really is a shame when people choose to live their lives without ever knowing who they are, without exploring new possibilities, without analyzing why they do the things they do, or feel how they feel, or that they simply accept feeling unfulfilled or unhappy with the status quo.

1.     Self-Discovery

When’s the last time you really spent time with you? Thinking deeply about who you are, who you want to be and how to get there is one of the keyways personal growth; ithelps us to know ourselves, evolve, and even transform to become our best selves.  Self discovery is an exciting journey – you can’t grow until you know all of who you are (thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, etc.)

An unexamined life is not worth living.” – Socrates

2.    Rewrite Your Story

No matter the issue, problem or obstacle in your life, you have full control in how you address and fix those for yourself. Personal growth allows you to look at yourself in an honest and comprehensive way to address where growth is needed and develop yourself in positive and proactive ways.

Self-improvement has become more important than ever in the modern world. From a high stress modern world, relationships, and social media to our own personal goals and dreams, it’s easy to fall into being stagnant without devoting enough time to making positive changes within ourselves and in our lives.

Personal growth and development allow us to take a proactive approach to develop new skills, create healthy habits, better ourselves in unlimited ways and to ultimately evolve into the best version of ourselves by taking conscious steps toward self-improvement. You can rewrite the direction of your life anytime you want (if you’re feeling frustrated in an area in your life, that is likely the story to work on).

3.    Improve Your Self-Worth

Psychology Today defines self-worth as our “thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and how that’s tied to the perception of our worthiness.” A healthy balance of self-worth can impact every aspect of our lives and even our physical and mental health.  When you value yourself, you will achieve your desires have confidence achieve them.

4.    Stronger Security In Who You Are

By making personal development (and all that it entails) a way of life, you’ll become more secure in your beliefs and who you are as a unique individual. That security will give you a great sense of inner happiness and peace of mind. How so? Because when you work towards your values, you’ll increase your sense of purpose.

5.     Perspective

Personal development helps put situations in the right perspective. Knowing what you can and cannot control in your life will make your focus more concise and targeted to hit your personal and career goals.

6.    Develop An Inner Tolerance

Personal growth is tied to inner tolerance. Meaning that when we gain to better understand ourselves, we’ll hold some self-compassion for setbacks and mistakes. Inner tolerance will also keep negative thinking at bay and help us to take on situations more practically. Treat yourself as you would one of your friends, who have quirks and flaws, but who you are tolerant of.

7.     A Boost In Confidence

When you begin to notice the work you’ve put in your personal development journey, it’ll build your confidence to keep going. You’ll suddenly have the desire and motivation to take on bigger challenges. Remember, those big challenges start with small, incremental steps. Recognizing your accomplishments leads to having more confidence, write them down at the even of every day.

8.    Improve Mental Health

Various options exist to improve yourself, within the realm of mental health, from adopting healthier coping skills to better managing stress and everything in between. When you put strategies in place that boost self-development, your mental health will flourish, too.

Your mental resilience will help you to cope with handling stress and avoid making rash decisions that can actually worsen a situation. You will improve your outlook on your ability to handle any fears or regrests Through emotional regulation, you’ll improve your overall wellbeing.

9.    Stronger Relationships

When we make personal growth a priority, it can have a positive impact on those around us. By taking the time to understand ourselves first, we can then begin to better understand our relationships and the role we play in other people’s lives.

10.                      You’re Investing In Yourself

Lastly, seeking personal development is an investment in yourself. It’s putting yourself first unselfishly and cultivating your worth. By improving your habits, skills, or mindset, you’re telling yourself that you’re worth it. That you’re worth the effort and hard work it takes to get to your desired space. By taking care of yourself, you are expressing self-love, which is key to a better you.

Make the decision today to work on your personal development and growth; decide which area(s) need work, then choose one to start with. Your future self will thank you for the decision you make today.


If you’re ready to grow and work on your own development, reach out for help to get started. We’re here to help and support.









Monday Morning Success Tip: An Easy Way to Change Mindset

As a certified Law of Attraction Coach, using the power of your mind to manifest your desires is more than what you think – just saying what you want won’t bring it to you immediately.  It is not like I Dream of Jeannie, where you can nod your head and “poof” it appears.  When we manifest, it creates a desired intention that elicits a positive emotion and keeps us focused on attaining that desire.
According to the Law of Attraction, action offered from a place of contradicted thought is hard, unsatisfying work and does not produce good results; but when you feel really good about jumping into action, it is a clear sign that you are offering thoughts that are in line with your desires. 
Unless you are focusing on what is important to you, you can not achieve what you truly desire.  By choosing a thought that feels slightly better than the thoughts you have been thinking, you can gradually change your direction. When you focus on a better-feeling thought, the balance of your thoughts will improve.
As our brains place focus on the last thing it hears, it’s important to not let them be negative ones. Start today to change your thoughts from what you don’t want to what you do. Keep the focus by repeating your desire and enjoy the positive emotion you feel.  It’s a simple, but effective exercise. Do this daily and see how your life changes for the better.
If you’re ready to get started manifesting your desires, call today as I’d love to partner with you in creating the life you want. Feel free to share this with others who may want more in their lives.  
I hope you have a productive week – make it a successful one!

It’s March Fourth and Do Something Day

Today is March Fourth and Do Something Day (I said there are celebrations for everything) and, since we’re in this first week of March, what are your plans for what you want the next 31 days to look like? Now is the time to make new plans, new goals, new thresholds for what you want in your business. I like the premise of doing something you’ve not done before – challenging yourself- with the idea of marching forward. They both go together wonderfully:

  1. What is on your ‘to do’ or bucket list? What did you say you would do in those resolutions a couple months back? What are you feeling you need more of are ready to do? Answering these questions will help you to make a decision on a specific action you want to accomplish by March 31
  2. Start with choosing one of those (not to overwhelm) and write it out very specifically, i.e. I will be in my new job as an IT software developer by March 31. What this does is create a visual on the goal, which the brain will latch on to and want to achieve it, as well as giving it a deadline. The more specific we are, the more compelling it becomes and then we will seek out the ways to get it.
  3. Write out every possible action you would need to take to get that goal accomplished; this is not about limiting but about every possibility out there – this is where you may need to ‘leap’ and stretch in what those may be. Work backwards from March 31 (you with a successful team or business), thinking of what it took to get there; this will really expand the creative side of the brain to come up with ideas you might not think of in a conscious state (left side).
  4. Armed now with a goal and specific steps to take, make the leap; decide what time you will make it to hold yourself accountable and get mentally prepared. Then, begin. It may feel a bit scary at first but the more you, the easier it will become and the faster results you will see.

The key to any of these is taking action and doing something that, while it may feel uncomfortable, will move you achieving your business goals.   Ensuring you have a good mindset is the driver for all behavior and goal-achievement, so take time each morning to create a positive mindset – say gratitude, have goals, use positive self-talk, breathe to energize your brain, and affirm your intentions. Practicing this daily will create a new habit that will lead to your success.

If you’re ‘stuck’ and want to stop the struggle, then contact us to day to change this around.


Monday Success Tip: Beating Resistance on Goals

Happy Monday! Now that the holidays are over, today feels like the ‘official’ start of the new year. This is typically the time to start taking action on goals that are set. Getting- and keeping – motivation is the key to following through on those set action.

But, motivation can ebb and fade. It all comes down to resistance, which can look like a time when you had  a project that you needed to complete but you procrastinate, or you don’t return a phone call or, worse, not pick up the phone. There is something going on in a deeper level that is blocking you from doing the things you either want or need to do.

It really comes down to change and moving away from the comfort zones we get into; when we want to move out of this ‘zone,’ the brain and body have a way of trying to pull you back into safety which means you will continue to think and behave the way you have.

All this does is sabotage your mood, your thinking, and your success. Eventually, it will take a toll on your money and your relationships; it’s like a vortex you go down and, without addressing it, you might not get out of.

So, how do you stop and reverse this bad habit (yes, habit)? Here are three ways to do so:

  1.  I would recommend taking time to sit in deep reflection as to what you are thinking, feeling, doing when it comes to your work (it could be any task) – do you worry you won’t have enough time, money, support; do you think it won’t be ‘good enough’ or will be rejected; are you doing this task because you think it’s important or for someone else. Answering these will get to the root of the matter – now you can do something about it
  2. Changing your mindset is critical in order to change your conscious thinking; I encourage you to write down your belief and then ask yourself if you absolutely know it to true (ala The Work). Challenging your negative beliefs will help you to see that it is your belief and not that of others. If you didn’t have that thought – what would you be?
  3. Rewrite any negatives into a positive so it becomes more motivating, compelling, and easy for your brain to accept. By bringing the unconscious thought to consciousness, it loses its appeal and opens you up to coming up with all kinds of possibilities to deal with it.

I have been using these techniques and can tell you they are effective. I also would add to put some downtime – self-care and fun – in the mix as this will also open up your creative mind and level of happiness. Both are essential to moving forward and being accomplished.

See change as positive and focus on the benefits you will received when you have that goal. This is a great way to move past any resistance and develop the habit of embracing changes in your life. Doing so makes you unstoppable.


Your Weekly Action Plan

Begin this week to take stock of any tasks or projects, or times, that you find you are hesitating/procrastinating/avoiding doing. Use the steps above to figure out “why” and do the exercises to stop any bad habits and begin to develop ones that will lead you to the life you desire.


I hope you have a successful week – If you need help gaining clarity on your business or career goals, or in developing your action plan, why not get some help – stop the struggle and call today to get started. I’d love to help you build the career and business of your dreams!

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