Time to Bring It On!

As we are starting a new day, new mo nth, and new quarter, it’s time to bring ‘it’ on; essentially, going after those unmet goals that you’ve been saying you want to achieve.

These may include:

– starting or growing a business

-getting a promotion, or a new job

– going a a vacation

– finding the love of your life

– dealing with life more effectively

Goals don’t have to be major – they can be really small things but we want them in our life. We desire them, dream and think about them – sometimes, constantly. But we also fee frustrated that we don’t have them.

If this sounds familiar, and I admit they do for me on some areas of my life, then today is a new day and new time to go after them. Don’t you think it’s time?

There is no better day to make a new start than the beginning of a new month, which just so happens to fall on a new week. To me, that brings a lot of hope and desire to define new thresholds to reach and to plan how this time will go.

You have the same ability. And, it does not take tons of time. Some quick tips (if you haven’t already done so):

  • get a monthly calendar for July – I printed one off the internet – to help with planning and get a quick ‘snapshot’
  • fill in important dates that you know you have to commit time to, such as: meetings, speaking engagements, proposals or articles due, birthdays, and the like. Once you have these, then you can fill in other actions that will bring you closer to your goal.
  • set a target goal, say a money goal, that you want to reach – now you can identify all the steps that will get you there; I like to mindmap my ideas, but just listing them will help you not only identify particular steps but it makes them more tangible
  • write each step down on the calendar – I am using a white board calendar and commit every day to write down what actions I’ve taken daily; I find that this shows me what I’ve done and it makes me accountable.  It’s an easy way to get ‘coached,’ so speak
  • identify any barriers, roadblocks (real or perceived), excuses or fears you have around what you’ve identified and then challenge each of them. Do you know that your idea won’t work? Do you know that people won’t buy from you? Do you for certain know that you will fail/aren’t good enough/will succeed, etc.?
  • have a cache of tools that will keep you motivated and positive – I have affirmation cards, read motivational quotes, journal, be around positive people, among others (self talk also works). Identify ways for you – this will keep you going when you feel scared or feel like giving up

I, personally, feel very excited for what this month holds. I am, equally,, fearful of what it will take for me to get them. But, I know that I don’t want to stay where I’ve been, which is a big driver for me. I hope you take my lead and set the direction for you business, your career, and your life today.

A good exercise is to imagine that it is now August 1 – where are you? In the same place or miles ahead??



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