The Two Most Important Words You Can Ever Say

The Most Powerful Two Words You Can Ever Say

Has anybody said something to you in your life that has really changed the direction of your life? Has that ever happened to you? I’m sure it has.


I’m sure that when somebody that you cared and respected in your life said “I love you,” that changed your life for the better. On the other hand, if somebody who you trusted ended up betraying you by saying hurtful things or, worse yet, stabbing you in the back by saying negative things about you, that can put your life in a tailspin as well.


Words matter. They can cut as much as they can heal. Of all the words that people can say to you that can have a tremendous life-changing impact, there are two words that you have to wrap your mind around. These two words can help you change your life for the better.


In fact, the impact of these two words are so powerful that they can continue to have reverberations or a cascading effect throughout the rest of your life. You just have to say these words very clearly, very intently, and very purposefully. If you’re able to do that, then these words will carry you through because they seek to reprogram your mind.


Too many of us are walking around with invisible shackles or handcuffs. Nobody’s pointing a gun to our heads and saying, “Be miserable. Say to yourself that you can’t do certain things. Assume that you can’t do certain things. Act like a victim.”


Nobody’s doing that. Nobody has that kind of power over you. You’re doing it to yourself. That’s what those invisible shackles are. These are assumptions that limit us and reduce us. We don’t live the kind of unlimited powerful life that we’re other waste capable of living. We all have this potential in us but the problem is it remains potential and, before we know it, we forget about it.


Instead, we define ourselves based on our limitations. We say to ourselves, “I was born poor. My parents were abusive and were addicts or alcoholics and this is what I deserve. This is who I am. This is what I am capable of. I am behind hope.”


Most people will not consciously say things this way. However, they’re doing it in their minds – the subconscious thoughts that live there that direct thoughts and beliefs. You can see it in their actions. You can see it in how they live their lives. It’s as if they’re walking around in this invisible prison. They will never step over the lines delineating their comfort zone. Pretty sad, right? It’s very easy to dismiss those types of people but you’re doing it yourself.


If you are in any way feeling stuck, weak, underappreciated, or somehow oppressed in any area of your life, this is what’s happening to you. So, do yourself a big favor and say the two most powerful words you ever say to yourself. Say “I am.” When you do that, you define yourself.


More importantly, you take ownership of yourself. When you say “I am,” you are defining your life. So, be careful what words you choose to put after “I am.” If you say, “I am dumb. I am weak. I am a loser. I am poor. I am done,” then you just have condemned yourself.


Nobody can say those words to yourself and make them produce reality except you. Take ownership of this power. Be conscious of this tremendous responsibility and choose a better reality for yourself and it all begins with the words after the two words “I am.”


When you repeat those words “I am, I am, I am,” you say to the universe that you exist. You reclaim your voice. You are already there by being born. You were born with power.


It doesn’t matter what you look like. It doesn’t matter how much money your parents have. It doesn’t matter what your physical abilities are. None of that matters because you have that tremendous potential locked within you yet to choose to live like an ant. That is the tragedy behind all of this. That’s why you need to reclaim your power by being more mindful about what you say after “I am.”


Changing your self-talk and story will help you live life in a different way. It will help you achieve your dreams, and it all begins with a simple proclamation of “I am.”



Confidence is a Mindset

How confident do you feel on a daily basis? Do you feel confident in work but not in your personal life, or vice-versa? How can you get more of it so you can go after the very things you say you want?
Confidence is a self-belief in your abilities and talents; it means that, no matter what, you act on what you think is right and true. It also means that the achievements you’ve had build your self-esteem and self-efficacy so that you won’t hesitate when the next achievement comes up.
Confidence starts in the mind and with the stories you tell yourself, which then turn into beliefs. It’s the beliefs that hold us and can be difficult to change. Someone can tell you that you are the best leader, speaker, dancer, etc. but, if you don’t fundamentally think so, then it won’t matter what they say. So how do you build confidence, or is it even possible to do so?
Yes, it is possible but it means retraining your brain, which is like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the more it will build and work favorably:

  • begin to be aware of your self-talk, as this is the culprit for our problems; if you keep repeating words you’ve either heard, or attach to yourself, the more those become your beliefs (‘you’re so stupid’ ‘you’ll never get that promotion’ ‘you’re so lazy’ and the like). It may be helpful to write these messages down to make you more aware of when you’re saying them
  • reframing those negatives into positives will strengthen the parts of the brain responsible for emotion and thought. By reframing them, it works to see that your thoughts are not black or white thinking; for example, the ‘you’re so lazy’ thought can now become ‘you’re not lazy; sure, there are times when you procrastinate on a task but think of how fearful you are that you might mess it up and disappoint someone. But remember times when you pushed past a fear and made something happen’
  • go back and write past successes so you can see that you have the ability to reach your goals, no matter how big or small; write your ‘wins’ each day, to build off them. The more you do this, the stronger those positive thoughts will be the norm

Confidence is needed in all areas of your life – in your relationships, as a parent, as a worker, as a leader – I could go on. Once confidence is there, the more you will achieve; nothing can stop you from going higher and higher in what you can do.
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7 Qualities that Help you Get Ahead in the Business World

Ever wonder what it takes to move ahead in your career?  A study that was done by Business Week  found that there are seven qualities that employers look for when promoting or moving employees into leadership roles.   Findings of the study indicated that women need to have more confidence and be more self-promoting  in order to develop move up the ladder; there are not many differences between men and women in the other desired qualities.

For men, the qualites that were valued the most by employers are, in order of importance:   self-confidence (66%) , integrity (59%),  self-discipline (51%),  talent (49%),  aggressiveness (30%),  political saavy (24%), and self-promotion (11%)

For women, the qualities that were valued most by employers, in order of importance, are: self-confidence (72%), integrity (58%), self-discipline (52%), talent (41%), aggressiveness (31%), political saavy (22%), and self-promotion (16%).

Any thoughts or feedback? Which do you value or need improvement in?

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