How Will the Eclipse Affect You?

Today is the long-anticipated Solar Eclipse. Before today, I was just ho-hum about it but now that it’s here, I find myself feeling excited and with more energy. Can it be?

I’m sure I’m not alone in my feelings; we just have to look at the scores of people who have traveled to parts of the country where they will be in total darkness to see it. But I’m seeing people locally who are excited; ‘watch parties’ are being held on college campuses, libraries, and other locations to see this phenomenon. It’s crazy!

But, what effect will this have on you? Will there be? I don’t know but, just as when the full moon occurs or mercury retrograde, there may be some effect, such as energy fields, both positive and negative, or technology glitches. You might feel a bit ‘off’ in your work or daily routine. It’s important to pay attention to how you will feel during this time so it doesn’t adversely affect your mood or productivity.

I do see the eclipse having a very positive side in that it is bringing people together; it gives people something to talk about, which can relieve some of the negativity that has surrounded us lately.

Take time today to clear any negative energy; burn or purge any clutter – including mental; set your intentions for your future, along with clear, actionable goals to work on. Let this new energy take you to a new mindset and new direction. If anything, I feel more hopeful. Can you feel it?

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