Professional Development Starts with Personal Development

Professional development is critical to ensuring that your skills and aptitudes are at their highest. Just like an athlete has to condition themselves for playing on the field or running a marathon, workers need to do the same.
Professional development involves taking the skills you use most often and focusing on them, so that they are at their highest; it also involves learning new skills or knowledge that will enhance what you currently know. This is what leads to being a high performer – never thinking you know everything or being satisfied; it’s recognizing that there is always something to be learned and then putting the new-found information into practice.
Professional development, however, begins with personal development. This is where you work on yourself, i.e. the ‘inner workings,’ if you will. Understanding yourself is the key to success. It’s the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ of why you do what you do. Areas to work on include:

  • perceptions and expectations
  • attitude
  • communication skills
  • conflict management (including resolution)
  • drives and motivations
  • values
  • habits
  • beliefs

All of these drive your behaviors, especially looking at your perceptions and expectations, which then lead to beliefs, which, ultimately, drive your behaviors and the other items on the list above. It’s also about managing them, ala being emotionally intelligent. Working on these areas will help you to be more effective in all you do, no matter what environment or situation you find yourself in. You will have more effective relationships, as you will be more open to others, have more empathy, listening more and then regulating your responses to what you hear and see.
How do you develop personally? It’s no different than steps you would take in your professional life:

  • read books on mindset, self-esteem, communication, etc.
  • listen to TED Talks, podcasts, or audio books
  • attend networking meetings or join groups on a specific area
  • go to a seminar or workshop
  • journal daily to uncover your thoughts/feelings and set daily goals
  • read motivational quotes that lift you up
  • work with a coach, who can help you to uncover negative patterns and help you develop new, more positive skills

Enhancing your personal development will lead you to being at your best; this, then, leads to you being your best in your professional life. After all, you are the same person in both arenas. Bringing out your best will lead to more success and a more fulfilled life overall.
If you’re ready to be your best, let’s talk!
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Confidence is a Mindset

How confident do you feel on a daily basis? Do you feel confident in work but not in your personal life, or vice-versa? How can you get more of it so you can go after the very things you say you want?
Confidence is a self-belief in your abilities and talents; it means that, no matter what, you act on what you think is right and true. It also means that the achievements you’ve had build your self-esteem and self-efficacy so that you won’t hesitate when the next achievement comes up.
Confidence starts in the mind and with the stories you tell yourself, which then turn into beliefs. It’s the beliefs that hold us and can be difficult to change. Someone can tell you that you are the best leader, speaker, dancer, etc. but, if you don’t fundamentally think so, then it won’t matter what they say. So how do you build confidence, or is it even possible to do so?
Yes, it is possible but it means retraining your brain, which is like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the more it will build and work favorably:

  • begin to be aware of your self-talk, as this is the culprit for our problems; if you keep repeating words you’ve either heard, or attach to yourself, the more those become your beliefs (‘you’re so stupid’ ‘you’ll never get that promotion’ ‘you’re so lazy’ and the like). It may be helpful to write these messages down to make you more aware of when you’re saying them
  • reframing those negatives into positives will strengthen the parts of the brain responsible for emotion and thought. By reframing them, it works to see that your thoughts are not black or white thinking; for example, the ‘you’re so lazy’ thought can now become ‘you’re not lazy; sure, there are times when you procrastinate on a task but think of how fearful you are that you might mess it up and disappoint someone. But remember times when you pushed past a fear and made something happen’
  • go back and write past successes so you can see that you have the ability to reach your goals, no matter how big or small; write your ‘wins’ each day, to build off them. The more you do this, the stronger those positive thoughts will be the norm

Confidence is needed in all areas of your life – in your relationships, as a parent, as a worker, as a leader – I could go on. Once confidence is there, the more you will achieve; nothing can stop you from going higher and higher in what you can do.
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Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

I absolutely love motivational/inspirational quotes, and have quite a collection of them.  They raise the emotional level to keep focused on the positive thoughts, not negative ones. To me, they make you want to do and be more.
I found this great find as it is a inspirational journal – each page has a different quote on it, plus room to write on. I can either write about the meaning of the quote, as well as how it can inspire me to be better or to act on what I found the meaning is.
What a great find – to have a quote and a journal in one! As we go on during the (often) drudgery of our day, there are times that we need help to keep positive and inspired to keep focused on our tasks. The quotes are one way; the journal is another as you can write about events in your day, make your to-do lists or, better yet, work on your gratitude. These are easy ways to brain-dump and make sense of things to keep you going, when you may feel like saying ‘screw it.’
There are many places to find inspirational quotes: in books, on the web (just google it and see how many), social media (Facebook, Pinterest) – even homegoods and clothing has quotes on them. Whichever way you choose, find them. Start a collection of them. Make your own (Canva). Keep the inspiration around you and watch how much more positive and productive you are. As Earl Nightingale says, “We become what we think about.”
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Life Lessons from a Golf Pro

I love reading inspirational stories of how people made it to their success. One of these is Gary Player, a professional golfer, who has shared his personal ‘commandments’ – the life lessons he has lived by and you can, too; hope you enjoy:

  1. Change is the price of survival
  2. Everything in business is negotiable, except quality
  3. A promise made is a debt incurred
  4. For all we take in life we must pay
  5. Persistence and common sense are more important than intelligence
  6. The fox fears not the man who boasts by night but the man who rises early in the morning
  7. Accept the advice of the man who loves you, though you like it not apresent
  8. Trust instinct to the end, though you cannot render any reason
  9. The heights of great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but that while their companies slept were toiling in the night
  10. There is no substitute for personal contact

Forging On – Now That You're in the Habit

Happy July 1st – the first challenge is over and a new month full of possibilities awaits. I love this time as there are so many things to look forward to – most of which I can create. You have the same opportunity.
My reveal is that I’m forging on with a new challenge, although I think I’m doing two. One involves doing at least 10 minutes of exercise a day; I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but, to me who does less than minimal, it is. Although I do dance two -three nights per week, I want to focus on strength, so this may include using the overlooked apparatus I have accumulated or which hold dust. So, I’m pulling out those bands, weights, the big ball, and I might even pull out my step or trampoline.
The other challenge is to be more intentional of how I want my day to go. We all have the opportunity to say how we’d like to feel about our day – our thoughts control our actions. So when I set an intention that I will focus on only positives, I will see them as my brain seeks out the proof (yours does, too). I want to be more open, less judgemental  and forgiving of myself (and others), and to worry less about what others are doing. I want to be intentional about what I’m doing – this now is me accepting responsibility for me.
Saying this is transparent (and a little scary) but I feel positive and honoring my intentions. I encourage you to keep doing the challenge; whether it is continuing on the journey you have been on or to set new goals. Positive habit breed positive actions and a happier life. Happy TGIF!