Falling Out of a Habit (I Just Did)

So, if you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know that I started a 30-day blog challenge back in June, which I successfully completed. I was so pumped that I continued sharing daily….until this weekend. For two days, I did not post. I fell out of my habit.

I feel I had reason – two, actually. While neither is very good, they both involve the need to step back and recharge. Friday, I spoke at a meeting that took a good portion of the day, and then I went dancing at a line dance event where I could see old friends and do dances I don’t often get to do. Saturday, plans wound up taking an unexpected turn when I decided to go to Universal and just chill (it was sooooo hot and it seemed everyone was on their phone trying to find Pokeman so it wasn’t as chill as I expected).
While I recognize the need to sit back and to regroup, I also recognize the importance of not letting this become the fall-back habit, which would be easy to do considering our subconscious tries to lure us back there in the ease and comfortableness it feels. I need to remember the challenge I answered in the first place. This is what helps when we fall off the wagon, so to speak – focus on your why and answering to noone else but the self – we can be very harsh critics; the way to quiet this is to do what you set out to do, and then keep on celebrating each day’s success.
I feel rested and re-motivated; if it can work for me, it can work for you, too. Remember, the brain needs reinforcement and consistency so the more you do, the more success you will have.

30- Day Challenge – Success!

Well, I (we) made it! 30 Days of blogging, 30 ideas, 30 articles – I hope you found them informative and useful to both your personal and professional life. I have to say that it seems somehow surreal – time really did fly by now that it’s over.
I wonder if you are feeling the same – that your activity became easier and easier. That’s the beauty of doing small steps; they now become part of your daily routine and a habit is formed. Positive habits are what we’re aiming for (at least I am). From there, self-confidence increases to know we can achieve anything, and our outlook becomes one where we embrace our world, and all that is in it (whether good or ‘bad’).
So, I’m feeling very accomplished  and I hope you are, too. Step up to the podium and accept your gold medal. See the accolades (you can envision the crowd clapping and paparazzi flashing those cameras) and savor your moment. It’s good to have you in the Winner’s Circle – Success!

Winding Down and Gearing Up for the Next Challenge

Well, here we are – 4 days away from the  end of the 30-Day Challenge – how has it been for you? Further on your established goal, so that it now feels natural and easy? Progress being made? This is the time to ‘pour it on,’ as they say, and really finish strong.
For myself, I’ve kept at the writing (hopefully you’ve enjoyed them); I will admit that there were some days I struggled with the content – what would provide value. But, I pushed through and did it anyway – I just had to look a bit to find those inspirations. I found that once I did, then ideas flowed and the words came along with the feeling of accomplishment.
Right now, I’m thinking of my next challenge – it’s only 30 days after all; I made it through one challenge and can do it again. This is the mindset we need to take to calm our fear center and affirm our abilities so we can overcome any personal challenge we find standing in our way. I’ll hold off until Friday to reveal but this one will be a bit difficult for me; however, I realize that presenting myself with a challenge is the best way I can hold my self accountable and have ‘no excuses’ to not take action. I hope you are finding hte same. So push on- now it’s only 4 days to go; you got this!

Goal Reached (Day 30 of my Blog Challenge)

Today is day 30 of my blog challenge!  While it hasn’t always been easy to find the time (and sometimes topics) I made the commitment and did it.  Knowing that it takes at least 30 days for a habit to form, I should assume that mine is set; but, alas, it is not (quite).  Habits can take up to 60 days as we deal with social media and that old myth of ‘multitasking.’  Wanting instant results will lead to failure of ensuring that the actions you take will stick.

The key to sustaining habits lies in consistency of the actions you’ve taken towards whatever goal you’ve worked for.   If you desire to reach your goals, keep in mind that it is not a  race but a marathon; I liked to equate it to the tortoise and the hare – you can do things quickly (the hare) but it is better to take slow and methodical, like the tortoise.  If you remember, he won the race but it wasn’t from running quickly or taking short-cuts.

Here are steps I took to help me reach this goal that you can easily implement:

  • I made the decision to do the challenge – I did this blog challenge last August and felt the time was right to do it again this year.  Once I made the decision…
  • I made the commitment – for me, this meant that there was no option but to write daily, whether it was a really meaningful post or a quote.  When I felt like giving it up, or skipping a day, I kept that personal commitment in mind which helped me to…
  • Take action – writing daily felt exhilarating in the beginning, then like a chore in the middle, and finally energizing at the end.   Not wanting to let myself  down was enough to keep me posting.

I am not telling you that writing daily was easy but I can honestly say that, now that the goal is reached, I feel more accomplished and aware that I can keep on and achieve any goal that I want.  Having to answer to yourself – and knowing that you held true – is an empowering feeling.  So go ahead and make your own challenge – I dare you!

Let me know how you on your challenge (or if I can help you get them!)


Time to Rev Up Those Goals

Well, here we are at the end/start of a new week, which is the last week of the month.  School is back in session and things are getting back to a level of routine.  Before we know it, summer will be gone.  This week is the perfect time to reflect back on the last 3 months to determine what has -or has not – gone well in your career, business or life, and the reason(s) why.  This review will then help you to ‘rev up’ those goals that you have not finished, or to create and implement new.  The last four months of the year can give way to doing and having more in your life.

The feelings of self-satisfaction that can arise are limited only by your thinking small or not taking action.  I have written many articles on goals and goal setting so you can refer to them in this site.  The point is to just DO IT!  Make the commitment to invest in yourself and to achieve all that you have wanted; taking the first step is the start.  So, go ahead and dust off those sheets of paper where you wrote down your goals; review them, polish them up and go make them happen!