Goal Reached (Day 30 of my Blog Challenge)

Today is day 30 of my blog challenge!  While it hasn’t always been easy to find the time (and sometimes topics) I made the commitment and did it.  Knowing that it takes at least 30 days for a habit to form, I should assume that mine is set; but, alas, it is not (quite).  Habits can take up to 60 days as we deal with social media and that old myth of ‘multitasking.’  Wanting instant results will lead to failure of ensuring that the actions you take will stick.

The key to sustaining habits lies in consistency of the actions you’ve taken towards whatever goal you’ve worked for.   If you desire to reach your goals, keep in mind that it is not a  race but a marathon; I liked to equate it to the tortoise and the hare – you can do things quickly (the hare) but it is better to take slow and methodical, like the tortoise.  If you remember, he won the race but it wasn’t from running quickly or taking short-cuts.

Here are steps I took to help me reach this goal that you can easily implement:

  • I made the decision to do the challenge – I did this blog challenge last August and felt the time was right to do it again this year.  Once I made the decision…
  • I made the commitment – for me, this meant that there was no option but to write daily, whether it was a really meaningful post or a quote.  When I felt like giving it up, or skipping a day, I kept that personal commitment in mind which helped me to…
  • Take action – writing daily felt exhilarating in the beginning, then like a chore in the middle, and finally energizing at the end.   Not wanting to let myself  down was enough to keep me posting.

I am not telling you that writing daily was easy but I can honestly say that, now that the goal is reached, I feel more accomplished and aware that I can keep on and achieve any goal that I want.  Having to answer to yourself – and knowing that you held true – is an empowering feeling.  So go ahead and make your own challenge – I dare you!

Let me know how you on your challenge (or if I can help you get them!)


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