Even a Cat Can Get a Job

I’m always looking to see the latest news/trends that involve work and the workplace. A recent news article really caught my eye, as it said “Pa. program gives mean cats a chance to punch a clock.” My initial reaction was ‘huh?’
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It seems that cats who are unadoptable, such as those who swat or won’t come around people, are being put to ‘work’ in barns, factories and warehouses; they are called ‘mousers.’ It seems that they are keeping rats and other pests away, preventing them from doing any damage to products housed there. The program has been a success so far.
How novel is that to come up with the idea of putting these animals to work for the good;  it also shows that when given the chance, one will work to their highest level, no matter who that is. These cats’ natural tendencies have kicked in and they are using them with success. They are also finding acceptance by workers in these establishments; these unacceptable animals are now being socialized by human touch and interaction, and are now functioning as ‘natural workplace stress relievers.’ It’s a win-win all around.
Equating this to the workplace, if given the chance, employees will work to their highest when in roles that tap into their strengths and meets their needs. Acceptance and validation leads to calmer environments so workers can do their best. Organizations can look at creative ways to engage workers so the business runs smoothly. They can take a lesson from cats.
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