Getting Through the Holidays Productively

We are now officially in the throes of the holiday season- parties, baking and buying gifts have now become the focus of many, with holiday parties on the horizon.  How do you get through the holidays productively?


These next couple of weeks can be a time of distraction for many. Finding the balance between keeping your performance high at work with enjoying the holidays can be challenging but, with some planning along with a good mindset you can sail through the holidays (and keep your sanity, too).

Make a list of all you think you need to do in the next couple of weeks: list it all – baking, shopping wrapping gifts, parties, travel plans (if going away) , as well as work tasks you have to get done. Don’t leave anything out (includes paying bills, cleaning house, taking the kids to activities, etc.).

Prioritize the list: now it’s time to give priority to the tasks you’ve listed; some suggestions include working backwards from the due date as this will help you to know exactly what is on the to-do list for each day; another would be to give an A-B-C rating (i.e. A- within 1-2 weeks; B – two weeks -1 month; C – longer).

Get out your calendar: plug in each activity on your calendar, whichever is your preference – physical planner, phone app, whiteboard, computer and the like.  Also set times in your schedule, as well as a timer to remind you of due-dates.

Check your mindset: you can either look at your “to-do’s” as an enjoyable part of the holidays or as chores that have to get done; mindset can determine how you make it through these next weeks. Stress can take it’s toll if allowed: good stress (eustress) can motivate you to get the list done or it can keep you down. Be sure to practice mindfulness practices, such as deep breathing or meditative practices, exercise, journaling, gratitude, and the like. Put on some Christmas music or movies to lift your spirits and keep you in the holiday mood.

Mindset will be your best friend, both at home and at work.  Begin each day with a gratitude statement and a determination for how you want your day to go. I’m not sure why it seems the holidays set off the stress alarm but, with some planning and a positive attitude, you can make it through merrily!

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