If You're Unhappy in Your Job, Please Keep it to Yourself!

One of the biggest irritations I find is when I go in to a place of business and hear workers complaining about it – the company, their boss, systems, etc. It happened just today: I went in to buy lunch at a fast food restaurant, which had two workers – one cooking, one waiting on customers. There was one customer waiting for her order; while I was getting checked out, the phone rang. The worker told the cook, who was going to answer, to let it ring, stating “That’s what they get for leaving me with one worker.”
Now, first off, I did not need to hear of her unhappiness with the schedule; I was thinking, however, that it wasn’t like they were busy or slammed with customers. I also thought how sad that she could not handle her job or appreciate her work – after all, she did apply for it. Another thought was that she did not thank me for coming in or buying their product – she was too busy complaining and being in her own ‘stuff.’
Jobs are not going to meet everyone’s needs and not all the time. However, others don’t need to hear the complaints or know that information. All it does is breed negative energy, which can spread like a virus. Others will either avoid you due to the negativity or join you, creating a very unhappy workplace that only they want to be in. It also puts customers off, who could make a complaint against you, or a coworker could as well. The result? Not good.
So, to those workers who are dissatisfied with their job, please keep those comments to yourself. Take some action on changing your outlook and perspective (only you control them) by focusing on an aspect you do like, whether that is ‘making the donuts’ or helping customers. Think of how your actions affect others. Bring your concerns to the one person who can do anything about them – your boss. If those don’t work – look for another job!

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