Struggling with Making a Big Decision?

As we are winding the last few days of August, we are now facing the last 4 months of the year.  While this can be exciting to create new opportunities, this can also elicit feelings of fear out of making those dreams a reality.  Some of this may involve some major life changes which comes with big decisions, all of which will greatly impact your life.  If you find yourself struggling with making  a big decision, here are some quick steps to think about:

  • really understand the ‘why’ of making the change – this is the need to let go of something that has not been working and wanting to go after what will; if you’re not clear on this then you will be held back
  • recognize what is actually holding you back – is it the fear of change or making the wrong decision; it is worry over money or involves other people; do you actually believe you can make the change – resolving these will help propel you forward
  • do the research – knowing everything about the proposed decision will help you be more informed; you can do this by researching on the internet, talking to people who have experienced the same change, or seeking help from a coach who can help and support you in making the best informed decision

Only with enough self-awareness and knowledge can one make a decision that feels ‘right’ which leads to acting to get the desired result.  Using the simple exercise of taking a piece of paper and writing down the pros/cons of all areas is helpful, as well as using the principles of the Six Thinking Hats, where you list out what the best result, the worst, result, what is known, what needs to be known and then using your creativity to uncover any ideas listed are helpful tools in decision-making, Another is having trust in yourself and and using the ‘voice’ inside (your intuition) as you guide.

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