How Change Impacts the Brain and Holds You Back

Change – that can be a scary word, more so for some people than others. Change means moving away from something we know and moving to something we don’t – and that can create resistance. Some individuals will drag their heels, refusing to the change while others will go with it but are kicking and screaming reluctantly, while others will cruise along to see how things go and either will accept or reject. We get these types of responses whether the change is forced on us or it is for something we want for ourselves.
Why is change so difficult? Why can we just accept and move towards it as opposed to holding back? You know, the more we resist the more upset and frustrated we become. So what happens? How can this be explained?
We actually have to place blame on this brain of ours, especially the reptilian part of the brain, which houses emotions. When we move away from our status quo, and it feels threatening, that limbic system activates which will either lead us to fight or to be anxious. How we respond will be how we’ve coped and adapted over the years to stressful situations.
The way to move through change is to alter the way you see it – not as a threat but as something that will be an improvement which you get to know. Don’t think ahead or predict the outcome (‘It will never work’); plan and write out some solutions for how you will deal with the change, and tell yourself that it will work out. These simple steps help to tame the ‘dinosaur’ and help you to move through any changes that come your way.

A New Beginning

New beginnings are great.  They offer us the chance to start over, to go in a different direction, to expand, or to resolve the past.  This is a “sort of” new beginning for me.  I am expanding my range with this new blog.  While I have a blog that is connected to my website, I want to be able to offer more information and resources to help people further in their careers.  As a connector, I put people with people and people with resources that are vital to enabling their success. 

Until I add to this site, a little about myself. I am a Career and Business Coach so I write for both individuals as well for organizations and work with both in my own practice in Orlando, FL.  I consult, train, speak and write as well.  I am an adjunct professor, where I teach Career Management, Organizational Behavior, and Group Dynamics and Change.  I also have taught management and other related classes in a Gerontology program so you will see information for the generations. 

I hope you enjoy the information provided; let me know if there is any  info that may be of particular interest to you.  I hope to have this site fully functional soon.  Until then… to your success!

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