5 Ways to Develop a Job Search Frame-of-Mind

Looking for a job can be frustrating and anxiety-producing even in the best of times.  Knowing what employers are exactly looking for can stump the best detective.  Determining how to present yourself in a way that will get you noticed takes skill; there seems to be alot of varying information that is out-of-sync and can leave you confused and dazed.  Should you brand yourself, should you call after you send a resume, how many resumes do you send and in what format….the list can go on and on.  To add to the frustration is not getting any interest in what you do send out.  This can lead to a variety of emotions, such as frustration, anger, anxiety, or depression.  Soon, you may feel apathetic, where it doesn’t matter any more.

It is important to develop a job search frame-of-mind, which helps you to keep calm and focused on carrying out the goals and strategies you (hopefully) have in place and that you carry out on a daily basis.  Having a good mind-sense enables you to get up refreshed and motivated every morning and to face the day of seeking employment.  If you need some help to improve your mood and outlook, here are some tips to help you reframe and refresh:

1. Self-assess – you need to tap into your thoughts and emotions to see what it is leading to your out-of-control emotions; once you have you need to acknowledge and validate them

2. Develop good coping skills – tap into your inner strengths and interests to find activities that help to calm and deal with adversities, such as prayer, mediatation, exercise, gardening, etc.

3. Journal – writing down your thoughts and feelings will help you to safely release your emotions and can help you to develop awareness and keep you focused on your goals

4. Use thought-stopping techniques – the use of the rubber band on your wrist works to stop and banish negative self-talk and habits

5. Use the power of affirmations and visualizations – these can reframe negative thoughts into positive ones and helps to motivate and keep you focused on the end result

It is important during job-search mode to be fresh and open to new experiences and possibilities that may arise. If you are only focused on the negatives, or if you are not in a good frame of mind, you may miss these opportunities.  You will not be prepared for the people or opportunities that may be in your future.  Develop your job search frame-of-mind now so it can pay off in the end.  How do you keep focused and motivated in your job search??

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