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It is a misconception that there are no jobs “out there”, that people don’t have money or that businesses are going under.  I’m not painting a picture that jobs are plentiful and that people are having financial difficulties. But, the economic picture is looking up.   One career path that is worth taking a look at is in the finance and financial planning industry.  According to a report by Ceci Rodgers on BNET, financial planning services are increasing, in fact “booming”, and not on Wall Street.  She makes the following claims:

  • Independent Financial Advisors
  • Headcount through 2012: +6.8%
  • Asset growth for independent firms in 2009: +$50 billion
  • Institutional Financial Advisors
  • Heacount through 2012: -4%
  • Asset decline for Wall Street firms in 2009:  -$185 billion
  • (Source: Estimates from Cerulli Associates)

According to the statistics, confidence in large financial firms has faded, mainly due to activities of firms, such as Lehman Brothers.  It seems that those with money to invest are needing the services of financial planners but are feeling that small firms and practitioners are more trustworthy to handle their money.   A hot career path to consider is in the financial planning industry. As the Boomers age, and retire, they will be seeking out these services in large numbers.   A career in finance could be your ticket to a long-lasting and financially rewarding career.   You must like working with numbers and be knowledgeable about stocks, bonds, and investments but these call be learned.  Take the time to explore this career path, and companies that hire, to see if a career in the financial service industry is for you.

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