Is Networking a Part of Your Job Search Strategy?

Are you aware that 80% of available jobs are not posted on any job boards?  It is a fact that businesses are not posting over half of their jobs due to the amount of interest they receive on a daily basis. They are already overwhelmed so they keep the majority of their positions covert.  These are the jobs that they want great candidates for.  They are banking on hearing about these candidates through people they know and trust, such as family or friends.  That is why the best way to find a job is through networking – talking to the people you know, who know people, who know people, and so on.  It is about gettin yourself out there and networking your personal brand – you – to get that next position.  It is about using the social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, or others, to let people know who you are, what you are looking for, and then to ask if they know anyone hiring for your services or field.

I will tell you a quick story about how this can work. I attended a career meeting and met someone who was looking for a job.  I sent him some links but never heard from him after.  Recently, he contacted me to inquire about a networking group that I had mentioned to him several months ago.  He came to the meeting and told the group what he was looking for. He had at least five people who said they would refer him to people they know in his field.  If he had followed up several months ago, he could be working right now! The moral of the story is how the networking process works in a job search and how powerful if can be.  So, is networking a part of your job search strategy?

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