Tesla Fires Workers – The Reason is Surprising

Tesla just fired between 400 – 700 workers; while they won’t divulge the exact number, the reason is surprising. Workers were let go, at all levels, due to poor performance. According to their announcement, “As with any company, especially one of over 33,000 employees, performance reviews also occasionally result in employee departures. Tesla is continuing to grow and hire new employees around the world” (Business Insider, 2017). I’ve read it’s layoffs, other sources say it’s financial – whatever the reason, performance is involved somehow.
If you think of it this way, what leads them to keep workers, versus letting them go? It  comes down to value – who performs, well – and meets benchmarks, as well as who has a positive attitude; who ‘shows up’ every day vs who shows up (just there). Companies won’t keep a worker if they are low-paying if their work and attitude is not there. Tesla is working on Model 3, to which they are behind in production; if the former is true, then that many would no be let go. In fact, there were workers who got bonuses.
There are other factors that contribute, like EOE and other laws, but they do look at performance and future success. This is why it is reliant on individual workers to daily check their both their attitude and their contributions to their work; it’s about utilizing the skills you were hired for, ensuring timeliness and quality of the work, and being part of the team.
It’s not too late to track your performance: are you arriving on time, as well as your lunch/breaks; are you managing your time; are you ‘raising your hand’ to help your boss or teammates out; do you come in with a smile of a frown; are you using your critical thinking skills and contributing with new ideas and solutions. These are just a few of what leaders look for and why they hire; these are also what puts someone on their radar, and in a good way.
I hope the company let them go well, i.e. severance and/or career services to help them find another employment. But, my real hope is that these workers had ‘Plan B’ in place – this would get them a clear path to their next step. My question: are you prepared? Do you have Plan B in place? If not, let’s talk!
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